With the Return from Suspension Approaching, Ja Morant Sends Message

There are only 10 games left in the Memphis Grizzlies' season until Ja Morant is cleared to play again following his suspension. 

The team has already played 15 games this season.

 Morant's second gun video incident on Instagram Live resulted in a 25-game suspension from the NBA, which has prevented him from playing this season. 

Grizzlies standout Jared Morant has been out of the game for the entire season, but he has been watching his teammates play and is excited for his comeback.

 Morant has been a little more active on social media as his comeback draws closer, listing the games left till he can return to action. 

In a Saturday message sent on X (formerly known as Twitter), Morant stated the following

Morant is appreciative of his struggles and disappointments since he understands how they might further his personal development.

 After a dismal start to the Memphis Grizzlies season, both the team and Morant are hoping that his return would help the team turn things around.

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