Where is Ja Morant now? This is why the Grizzlies star will be out for the remainder of the season:

The Memphis Grizzlies will be shaken by Ja Morant's season-ending injury. Gain insight about his absence!

Ja Morant, the Memphis Grizzlies' premier player, will miss the rest of the season due to a right shoulder labral rupture.

Since being drafted second in 2019, Morant has been Memphis' backbone. 

Averaging 26.2 points, 5.9 rebounds, and 8.1 assists in 61 games last season, he excelled.

He shot 46.6 percent from the floor and 30.7 percent from deep.

Morant's 2023-24 season began with a 25-game suspension. 

The second time in two months, a video showed him holding a gun. While Morant was suspended, Marcus Smart and Derrick Rose filled in.

The Memphis Grizzlies reported that Morant subluxated his right shoulder during Saturday workout. 

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