Using Your Zodiac Sign, Find Out Which Phantom Thief You Are in Persona 5!

Persona 5 from the Megami Tensei series gave us a vibrant cast of characters we will never forget.

The Phantom Thieves will have taken your heart and the hearts of many of their adversaries by the time the game is over. 

It's difficult not to get attached to this group of oddballs.

He's small but spunky! Anyone would struggle to stop this cat from fighting. You need Aries' battling energy to fight twisted hearts, despite their reputation for aggressiveness.


Panther is stubborn, yet in a good way, like Taurus. She's reliable and determined. She helps her friends, especially Shiho, deal with Kamoshida's abuses. She stands firm like the bull. 


Crow is known for his intelligence and versatility. The youngster is multilayered. A famous student, investigator, and Phantom Thief for a while. He wins popularity contests, no doubt.


Cancer is the gentlest sign, and Noir is the Phantom Thieves' gentlewoman. Noir dresses and speaks like Cancer, which is traditional and nurturing. She even treats her hobby garden plants this way.


The Leo is authoritative. Joker, the Phantom Thieves' captain, naturally appeals to Leo. All of his pals admire him and seek him out when they need someone reliable. Leo is about that. 


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