Trump's campaign is losing money. Here's why he might win anyhow.

Donald Trump has failed to match President Joe Biden's fundraising pace

and much of the money received by his campaign and affiliated entities has gone into his legal defense in a number of criminal and civil proceedings across the country.

The former president received some good financial news Monday when a New York appeals court ruled that he could post a smaller $175 million bond 

while awaiting a decision on an appeal of a $454 million judgment against him for fraudulently inflating his net worth in business dealings with lenders.

urthermore, Trump's interest in the parent company of his Truth Social network has increased to more than $5 billion

 since its debut on the Nasdaq stock exchange, though how much of that cash he will be able to access before the November election is unknown.

The financial lifelines could help Trump avoid selling real estate at fire sale prices to pay civil judgments against him.

However, his increasing legal fees may put him at a permanent funding disadvantage in his bid to defeat President Joe Biden in a November electoral rematch.

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