Taylor Swift Wore a Little-Known Investment.  

The majority of Taylor Swift's admirers concur that she isn't a Fashion GirlTM.  

Make no mistake, the 34-year-old pop sensation has amazing style and a closet that anyone would be lucky to raid; it's just that rather than high-end.

It-girl-approved names like Loewe, she's more likely to be photographed wearing well-known, approachable brands like Madewell and Ralph Lauren.  

Swift has the air of a celebrity who gets ready for a night out on her own rather than calling on a stylist off the red carpet, much like her close friend Blake Lively.  

Since I know she genuinely enjoys it and it might even be within my budget, it personally encourages me to buy a piece I've seen her wear.  

That's why, on a recent Nobu date with Travis Kelce, I was shocked and thrilled to discover Taylor Swift carrying my own dream purse.  

Swift accessorized her pleated khaki miniskirt, basic sweater, and Reformation loafers with a French luxury brand Joseph Duclos Diane Messenger bag, matching her mild springtime color scheme to the Tortured Poets period. 

The pictures are accessible here.  

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