Seek and Find Puzzle: Observant? Barbell Hidden in Plain Sight

Seek and Find puzzles are a great way to fool your brain and relax from your daily routine. 

These puzzles are designed to make your brain fill in the gaps using existing information. 

Have you ever encountered a Seek and Find Puzzle that left you amazed and wondering how to solve it? 

This puzzle is sure to stump you. The challenge is simple, but you need good eyes to find a barbell in this city picture. 

An inanimate object hides in a hectic city setting. Finding the barbell in time is difficult. Focus on the image. Try to spot the hidden barbell in this image in 11 seconds using your observation abilities. 

Accept the challenge? Start your timer and good luck! How is the barbell search going? 

Find its hiding place? These strategies should help you solve the puzzle: Shut off distractions:

Search and Find Turn out your distractions for a moment and focus on the image when solving puzzles. Magnify the image: Take your time and zoom in on the image to find the hidden barbell.

Find the Hidden Barbell- Solution

Lower right is the robot's hiding place. 

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