Sam Heughan's preferred Brianna with Jamie scene

Starz's fantasy drama Outlander has been airing for nearly nine years.

The seventh season of the show, which stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe as lovers from different eras, is scheduled to premiere in June.  

Naturally, Jamie (Heughan) and Claire Fraser (Balfe) have shared many passionate moments thus far, and the time-traveling soulmates have encountered many difficulties throughout the years.  

Heughan's favorite scene from season 1 is still this one, though.  

In response to a question from Buzzfeed News on his all-time favorite Claire and Jamie scene, Heughan grinned and said, "There's a lot of love in Outlander...  

"You know, it always goes back to season 1," he stated. "I believe that the wedding represents a new love, do you agree? Individuals who are in love.  

The seventh season of Outlander, which will run in June 2023 and be divided into two halves of eight episodes each, has been teased with a new trailer that shows Jamie and Claire sucked into the thick of the American Revolution.  

"I'm not as brave as I was before, you ken?" At the start of the trailer, Jamie is heard saying. "Not brave enough to live without you anymore."  

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