Recap of Survivor 46: Fighting has begun!

Can I query you all? So what are you all talking about? That's some current Survivor humor for you. BAM! Hot off the mark! Well, I'll explain. 

Talking about Jem, or Jungle Jem, if you're mean. I said Jem was absurd last week. I guarantee Jem has never heard this before.

Big up for innovation!) She located a Beware Advantage and hid the note, so her tribe spent hours searching for a nonexistent advantage. Hilarious! Fair play!

Better yet, Jem kept her secret to herself. She did not break the Survivor cardinal rule that everyone breaks—don't inform others about your idol or advantage. 

 She was not the finest liar. She may not have laughed while lying, but she typically had a goofy grin throughout Survivor misdeeds. Again, props for lying.

So why is Jem laughing at herself on television for getting voted out with an immunity idol? As sneaky as the international brand mentor was, her attempts to convince Ben and Tim that she really, 

really wanted to know who they were voting for because she was on their side were about as believable as me representing New Jersey in the 2024 World's Strongest Man Competition.

After hearing Jem was working Tim and Ben so hard with a machete, did Maria and Charlie decide to stand with the men? Why, but they were so determined to remove Jem that Maria utilized her additional vote even though they had a 3-2 majority without it.

How accurate are the James Webb Space Telescope’s color renditions? 

thanks for watching