Popularity of Each of the Eight Zodiac Signs

Lively, vibrant Leo always has many pals. The Leo sign is generous and friendly. No wonder the magnificent lion tops this list! Leo, ruled by the Sun, is warm, inviting, and contagious, drawing people in and keeping them.


Friendly and daring, Sagittarius is the party animal. Sagittarius enjoys outdoor activities. The lively archer, the zodiac's unofficial rock star, is always on the go and looking for adventure. Inspired and captivated, people follow this sign to find out what happens next.


Just about everyone loves Pisces, sensitive and empathetic. Pisces are always eager to listen or cry due to their empathy and intuition. You'll feel heard, appreciated, and respected when spending time with Pisces—no wonder he has so many friends!


Aries always draws a crowd with their bravery and readiness for life. They want the spotlight wherever they can. Aries are forthright and independent, thus they have many friends and acquaintances.


Social Geminis make many friends. Geminis are restless and prefer to be mobile. Geminis are always among friends, whether in person or via group text, because to their strong social instincts.


Harmonious Libra gets along with most individuals. Libra, represented by the scales, wants everyone to like them. People are drawn to this air sign because they keep interactions light, entertaining, and relaxed.


Independent Aquarius' energy attracts people. Aquarius' strong feeling of self and purpose makes people feel at ease around them. Air signs are naturally social and don't need much encouragement to establish friends.


Taurus's steady charisma makes friends. Taurus has narrow social circles. They still enjoy hanging together and having fun with that group. Many want to befriend Taurus because of its calm, grounded energy.


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