Outlander boss talks about changing Jamie’s injury from the book

The first part of the seventh season of Outlander has indeed left fans eagerly awaiting the continuation of the beloved series. In the midseason finale episode titled "Turning Points," 

viewers witnessed Jamie Fraser, portrayed by the charismatic Sam Heughan, endure a significant injury to his finger during the second Battle of Saratoga.  

However, unlike in Diana Gabaldon's original Outlander book series, where Jamie ultimately undergoes an amputation, 

the television adaptation took a different route, with his wife Claire, played by Caitriona Balfe, managing to preserve his finger. 

This departure from the source material has prompted questions among fans, particularly regarding the reasoning behind the decision to deviate from Gabaldon's narrative.  

One hypothesis suggests that the creators of the show may have been hesitant to depict Jamie, a central and beloved character, 

suffering a debilitating injury that could potentially alter his physical appearance. As one of the primary attractions  

Outlander is undoubtedly the allure of Sam Heughan's portrayal of Jamie, introducing a permanent physical handicap 

could disrupt the fantasy world that many viewers have immersed themselves in.

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