Nicki Minaj and Husband's Legal Battle: Backstage Assault Case 

Default Judgment: Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, were ordered to pay $500,000 in a default judgment for an alleged backstage assault case. 

Security Guard's Lawsuit: The judgment came after the couple failed to respond to a lawsuit filed by a security guard who claimed Petty broke his jaw during an altercation at a concert. 

Allegations of Assault: The security staffer, Thomas Weidenmuller, alleged that Petty punched him in the face as retribution for intervening in a dispute between Minaj and another security guard. 

Serious Injuries: Weidenmuller suffered serious injuries, including a broken jaw, requiring multiple surgeries and hospitalization for ten days. 

Requested Damages: Initially, Weidenmuller sought around $21,000 for medical bills and $700,000 for ongoing injuries and emotional suffering. 

Reduced Judgment: The judge awarded $503,318 in damages after Weidenmuller's repeated attempts to serve Minaj and Petty with the complaint were unsuccessful. 

Lack of Response: Minaj and Petty did not respond to the lawsuit, leading to the default judgment against them. 

Continued Legal Issues: This case adds to the legal woes of Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty, who have faced other legal challenges in the past. 

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