Kevin Costner's Touching Tribute: A Family Affair in Hollywood 

Parental Devotion: Sharon and William Costner's unwavering support for their son Kevin extended from his childhood endeavors to his illustrious career in the film industry. 

On-Screen Presence: Costner immortalized his parents' support by casting them in minor roles in his movies, showcasing their involvement in his passion for storytelling.

Filmmaking Debut: When Costner embarked on directing "Dances with Wolves," his parents were by his side, sharing in the excitement of his directorial debut. 

Shared Experience: Costner's decision to include his parents on set allowed them to witness firsthand the magic of filmmaking and the fulfillment of their son's dreams. 

Emotional Connection: The scene featuring Costner's father in "Dances with Wolves" served as a poignant tribute to their familial bond, both behind and in front of the camera. 

Cherished Memories: Costner fondly recalls the sight of his parents waving to him from their makeshift set-up, creating cherished memories amidst the hustle and bustle of filmmaking. 

Oscar-Winning Success: "Dances with Wolves" achieved critical acclaim and industry recognition, earning Costner seven Academy Awards, including the prestigious Best Director accolade. 

Symbol of Love: Costner's inclusion of his parents in his filmmaking endeavors stands as a testament to the enduring love and support that has fueled his journey in Hollywood. 

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