Kevin Costner's Heartwarming Family Legacy in Hollywood 

Parental Support: Kevin Costner's parents, Sharon and William Costner, were deeply supportive of their son's career from his Little League games to his Hollywood ventures. 

Acting Cameos: Sharon appeared as a background actor in Costner's films "Tin Cup" (1996) and "For the Love of The Game" (1999), showcasing the family's involvement in his passion for filmmaking. 

Family Involvement: When Costner directed his debut film, "Dances with Wolves" (1990), his parents joined him on set, parking their trailer nearby and sharing in his filmmaking journey. 

Emotional Scene: Costner gave his father a poignant role in "Dances with Wolves," resulting in a memorable scene where his father's character saves him, symbolizing their bond both on and off-screen. 

Collaborative Spirit: Costner's inclusion of his parents in his projects reflects his deep appreciation for family and his desire to share his success with those closest to him. 

Warm Memories: Costner fondly recalls seeing his parents on set each day, with his mother waving to him from their lawn chairs outside their motor home. 

Acclaimed Success: "Dances with Wolves" went on to win seven Academy Awards, including Best Director for Costner, solidifying his place as a Hollywood icon. 

Legacy of Love: Costner's decision to involve his parents in his filmmaking journey highlights the importance of family support and love in achieving one's dreams in Hollywood. 

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