Kevin Costner May Return to 'Yellowstone' for Final Season

An more turn in the Yellowstone saga. 

According to a recent source, Kevin Costner is trying to make a comeback, if not a complete U-turn, to finish the story.

Of John Dutton in Taylor Sheridan's western series, after leaving the show for its last season.

Arguably the most watched show on television, the announcement of the show's cancellation following a disagreement between Costner and Sheridan around availability and pay demands was unexpected.  

The last episodes of the original Yellowstone series have been scripted, and filming is set to begin shortly, according to a Puck report.  

Though there are no current discussions for such an agreement, Costner has expressed his wish to return to the series, if only in a cameo capacity. 

Still, there's talk that Sheridan, the showrunner, may not be willing to rewrite his finished scripts to include a last farewell to Costner's character, John Dutton, even if the actor were to lessen his demands for time and money.

But Costner appears eager to take advantage of this, as he has in the past, knowing the attraction it would have among the show's fan base.  

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