Ja Morant, masculinity and the misguided way of the gun

I'll get to the complicated story of Ja Morant soon. But first, some personal history. I grew raised in South Dallas. Our home was routinely broken into.

Drive-bys were rather common. I was jumped frequently while walking to and from school. 

Escaping that level of misery for the creature luxuries of middle-class capitalism was no easy task. 

Many of my pals were members of gangs. I never joined in because I was too terrified.

My father did his best to keep me off the streets while also safeguarding himself and his family from the dangers that surrounded us. 

He had several guns. A Glock sat inside his bedside dresser. A shotgun rested on top of a stack of Maxim magazines at the top of the closet.

Most people in my area had firearms; many on the left believe that the only people who support guns in the United States

were backwoods rednecks planning for a race war. However, there are many gun rights activists in Black and Brown communities as well. 

How accurate are the James Webb Space Telescope’s color renditions? 

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