In order of severity, the eight most dangerous zodiac signs

Their sensitivities makes them easily upset, and their mental instability makes it impossible to know how much harm they can wreak when angry.


When things are not going their way, they are prone to channel all of these tendencies. If you are the one receiving it, then woe is to you. 


It doesn't help that they are born leaders, especially when their evil side takes over.


Even when it hurts other people, they take advantage of their high IQ to manipulate or change circumstances to their favor. 


Geminis tend to be erratic and uneasy. It is challenging to understand them. You never know what they have planned or how they'll respond in a particular circumstance.


Any attempt to do so will be met with forceful, and occasionally dangerous, disobedience, so proceed with caution while dealing with them.


Additionally, because they are conceited, you may anticipate that they will prioritize their needs over everyone else's. 


Pisces comes in last on the list of zodiac signs that are the most dangerous. Pisceans have negative traits include a fiery temper and a propensity to self-destruct, which can lead to costly, impulsive judgments. 


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