In dramatic LSU vs. Georgia matchup, Olivia Dunne shines.

Olivia Dunne, LSU's standout gymnast, continues to dazzle fans with her exceptional routines, showcasing her talent during the recent LSU Tigers vs. Georgia Bulldogs competition. 

LSU Gymnastics secured victory against Georgia in their third away meet, reaffirming their position as a top contender in collegiate gymnastics. 

Haleigh Bryant achieved her thirteenth perfect 10 on the balance beam and claimed her twentieth career all-around title, focusing more on the team's success rather than personal accomplishments. 

Bryant completed a 'gym slam,' earning perfect 10s in all events, establishing herself as the country's top all-around gymnast. 

Despite a slow start, LSU found their rhythm in the latter half of the meet, particularly excelling on the floor exercise. 

LSU faced challenges with landings early on but capitalized on Georgia's similar struggles, leveraging their experience to secure the win. 

LSU showcased resilience and improvement, notably on the balance beam, where they closed the meet with a strong performance. 

Despite setbacks, LSU's ability to adapt and improve throughout the season has been a defining factor in their success. 

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