Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire Hits $1B Milestone Amidst Sequel's Strong Opening 

Successful Weekend Debut: "Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire" opens to a robust $45.2 million, defying concerns of poor performance due to adverse weather and mixed reviews.

Franchise Milestone: The sequel's opening pushes the entire Ghostbusters franchise past the $1 billion mark, solidifying its enduring popularity.

Global Success: With $16.4 million from international markets, "Frozen Empire" achieves a global opening of $61.6 million, marking a promising start for the $100 million production.

Marketing Triumph: Despite pre-sale concerns, Sony's effective marketing strategy ensures a strong turnout, leveraging the franchise's cherished brand image.

Cautious Optimism: While the sequel's opening is encouraging, attention is drawn to its B+ CinemaScore, mixed audience reviews, and desire for more comedic elements.

Family-Friendly Appeal: "Frozen Empire" attracts a significant family audience, with over half of ticket buyers attending daytime screenings and a majority under 35 years old.

Strategic Partnerships: Sony's thrifty marketing campaign is supplemented by global promotional partners, extending the film's reach through various platforms and merchandise collaborations.

Legacy Reinvention: The success of "Frozen Empire" prompts discussions about the franchise's future direction, with a call for a balance between nostalgia and modern comedic sensibilities for potential sequels.

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