For a Delightfully Retro Drink, Mix Bourbon with Orange Kool-Aid.  

Bourbon is a tasty and adaptable distilled spirit that pairs well with both classic Boulevardier cocktails and a cup of hot chocolate that has been spiked.

It's easy to experiment with because it has a magnificent amber color, a smooth texture, and a more palatable flavor than many other standard liquors.

It is possible to argue that there are virtually no rules when it comes to bourbon pairings. 

However, we are defying any norms today by suggesting that you try mixing it with orange Kool-Aid.

Although it might sound odd, matching orange Kool-Aid with bourbon isn't all that far from the typical taste combinations you could get at a restaurant or pub. 

The secret to making several well-known bourbon-based beverages, such as the whiskey sour and the old fashioned, is to include orange or other citrus elements. 

This is due to the fact that the sweet, slightly acidic tang of fruit is one of the most prevalent flavor characteristics in bourbon.

 Because of this, orange Kool-Aid goes well with the spirit, especially when you consider its sugar content, which has the same balancing effect as simple syrup on the more bitter aspects of the alcohol.

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