For a boozier twist on root beer floats, use bourbon cream.  

Root beer, spicy, sweet, and complex, evokes soda fountains and simpler times (its genesis tale is purportedly from the late 19th century). Adding a couple scoops of creamy, flowery, and sweet vanilla ice cream creates summery memories for any generatio

Root beer is popular, but it contains no beer or alcohol. Purely soft drink. That's easy to fix and make the alcoholic root beer float of your dreams. 

Simply adding a little bourbon cream to your soda drink and topping it with vanilla ice cream will offer a new, adult experience.

Bourbon cream is a reduced ABV, silky drink made by mixing bourbon whiskey with cream (usually cow's milk) to balance its trademark flavors like oak, vanilla, and caramel. It's wonderful alone or in your favorite cocoa or coffee.

Make a bourbon-spiked espresso martini with it. Pairing it with root beer and vanilla ice cream is ideal.

Root beer pairs well with this creamy liquor due to its vanilla and caramel flavors. The alcohol's harshness balances the sweetness, and a couple scoops of fragrant, mild, and chilly vanilla ice cream complete the dish.

Start your bourbon cream float with two scoops of your favorite vanilla ice cream in a glass.

Add a shot or two (depending on your mood) and your favorite root beer. You can stop there, although garnishing never hurts. Vanilla whipped cream looks great, and cherries are always welcome.

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