Every significant restaurant chain's Coca-versus Pepsi split

Some consumers were upset when Culver's switched from Pepsi to Coca-Cola. Grumpy response was inevitable. There is no middle ground in this war between Coke and Pepsi loyalists. People adore their Diet.

Hiddenly, a fast food establishment switching to Coke or Pepsi may be major business for the beverage giants. Which large chains serve Coke and Pepsi, and how are those decisions made?

A restaurant chain that enters an exclusivity arrangement with Coca-Cola or Pepsi will receive a discount on that product suite. Given restaurants' tight profit margins, eliminating administrative costs like that is worth beverage restrictions. 

It's also practical: Why stock both and source beverages from numerous vendors when you can handle logistics from one? Coca-Cola and Pepsi would take up two spots in a soda fountain, making them more redundant than MTN DEW and Pepsi.

Mom-and-pop or independently owned restaurants are the only places you'll see both companies' products.

A restaurant supply business lets smaller operations pick up a case of whatever they want to mix and match. Corporate giants, take that.

A Coca-Cola-exclusive fast food restaurant usually serves Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, and/or Coke Zero Sugar.

 This suite also includes Sprite, Fanta, Barq's root beer, Minute Maid lemonade and other fruit drinks, and Hi-C.

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