Cowboys-Lions weather report: What's in store for Week 17 clash in Dallas?

In Week 17, the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys faced off on Saturday night in a match that might yield a postseason-caliber performance.

The Lions' objective is to secure the first seed in the NFC, despite having already won the NFC North.

The San Francisco 49ers and Detroit hold the best conference record together with two games left in the regular season (11–4).

In order to win the NFC, the Detroit Lions must defeat the Dallas Cowboys today and the Minnesota Vikings the next week. 

The teams faced battle in a game on Saturday night as part of Week 17. They must also pray that one of the Niners' next two games is lost.

The Cowboys, on the other hand, are still focused on winning the NFC East. However,

they must win their final two games and hope that the Philadelphia Eagles drop their final two games as well.

that might result in a postseason-worthy performance. 

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