Birmingham named 3rd best sports town in U.S. without one of the 5 major sports league

 What kind of a sports town is Birmingham, and how does it compare?   

 According to Sports industry Journal (SBJ), the journal that sports industry executives absolutely don't want to miss out on reading, this is the case.   

 This week, the Sports Business Journal (SBJ) revealed their yearly rankings for the cities that make the best sports business.  

 Birmingham came in third position across the board in the category of Best Sports Business Cities in the United States That Do Not Have a Big Five Team.   

 On the list, Fort Worth, Texas came in first place, followed by Greensboro, North Carolina, which came in first place.   

 Have you never heard of the Big Five teams before? And they are.

 The 2024 “Field of Dreams” game between the St.  

 Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants at Rickwood Field, celebrating the Negro Leagues, is another element in the ranking.   

 Does SBJ have the correct idea? It is possible to argue that Fort Worth ought to have been counted as a team within the Dallas Metro region.

 yet, we will allow them to take the top prize.  

 During this interim period, it is commendable to see that The Magic City has been recognized for all of the efforts it has made to attract sporting events to the city.  

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