After season-ending surgery, Ja Morant's heartbreaking statement  

Ja Morant, a prominent player for the Grizzlies, shared his first statement on social media following season-ending surgery on his right shoulder.  

Following the procedure, Morant shared a picture of himself in a hospital bed on Instagram, along with emojis of a blue heart, a person in the lotus position, a checkmark, and an hourglass.  

The 24-year-old added a caption to go with it.  

"You went through this for a reason. Your life also does this. "Keep your eyes on your life's purpose and you will overcome this difficult period," he wrote.  

The Grizzlies said on Monday that Morant needed surgery after subluxing his right shoulder during a practice on Saturday. An MRI later identified an underlying labral tear.  

Morant's season was cut short after just nine games due to surgery, but the team announced on Thursday that he should be fully recovered before the beginning of the 2024–25 NBA season.  

Morant has already missed the season's opening 25 games due to a suspension that was imposed by the NBA this past summer.  

After he displayed a gun in an Instagram Live video—his second such incident with a handgun last year—the league banished him for an extended period of time.  

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