After Jenny McCarthy claims she'snuck in' to a single audition  MTV rejected her '17 times' for being a playmate.

Jenny McCarthy isn't afraid to be tenacious when it comes to realizing her aspirations.

On Monday's edition of Watch What Happens Live, the former Playboy Bunny discussed the early years of her career and how she ended up "back at zero," but always believed she would "make it again" after leaving the Playboy mansion.

McCarthy, 51, eventually got a job as host of MTV's Singled Out, a dating game program that aired from 1995 to 1998. She said that the accomplishment was the result of her own hard work.

"I got cast on MTV, but they rejected me 17 times," she told host Andy Cohen. "They said, 'We'll never have a Playmate on this network.'"

1996 MTV's Singled Out with Jenny McCarthy Jenny McCarthy presents 'Singled Out' on MTV. Jeff Kravitz/FILMMAGIC Jenny McCarthy Recalls Witnessing Playboy Mansion Sex with 'Gross Celebrities': 'It Was Like Viagra Central'

Despite the frequent rejection, McCarthy slipped into auditions and "disguised myself" until she was one of the final two candidates for the job. Casting executives eventually connected 

"They said, 'Are you the Playmate who kept calling?' I am like, '[laughs]."So that was it," she continued, noting that she was up against another female comedian whose name she couldn't recall.

"She was making jokes! I was not. I was simply being strong. Because you need to be with all of these guys. So I was being weird and just myself, and I got it," she said.

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