4 Best Natural 'Detox' Foods

In the course of our experience, we have encountered a considerable number of detox liquids, teas, diets, and tablets. 

Products that claim to detoxify our bodies are tempting to individuals who are interested in leading a "cleaner" lifestyle because they are designed to assist the body in ridding itself of pollutants. 

A detox diet, which is more commonly referred to as "detox," is a nutritional intervention that is made for a short period of time and is intended to eliminate toxins from the body.  

It is possible for a detox to consist of a time of fasting, which is then followed by a stringent diet consisting of water, fruit, vegetables, and fruit juices. Additionally, in order to facilitate the detoxification process, several detox diets include the consumption of teas, vitamins, and cleanses.  

Detoxification is performed with the primary purpose of stimulating the liver to facilitate the elimination of toxins from the body, enhancing circulation, and supplying critical nutrients for the maintenance of overall health. 


Azzaro recommends citrus fruits and their zest, especially grapefruit, for detoxification. They're high in vitamin C, which boosts detoxification. Vitamin C helps produce glutathione, which promotes liver detoxification. 


These tiny seeds include lignans and soluble fiber, which "can bind to excess hormones in the gut and help your body remove them through stool," adds Azzaro. 


Watermelon's 90% water content helps cleanse the body and remove toxins through the urinary tract. Watermelon also contains citrulline, an amino acid that aids the urea cycle. 


Your kidneys help your body eliminate pollutants in several ways. Maintaining kidney health helps your body detoxify. 

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