10Gold Chrome Nail Designs That Are *So* Main Character-Coded

 Chrome manicures are always trendy, Buttery yellow, Barbiecore pink, soft baby blue, and even edgy black are enjoying their main character moments, but one hue is ageless.

 Manicure minimalists can wear gold nails, Instead of white polish, try a metallic French tip.

1. Simple Gold Chrome French Mani

 These extra-long, coffin-shaped claws put the “loud” in “loud luxury” with their bright metallic brilliance.

2. XXL Gold Chrome Manicure

 These abstract, wavy French tips make gold chrome nails stand out.

3. Abstract Wavy Frenchie

 A gorgeous approach to enhance neutral nail polish colors is with designs that seem like celestial stars shimmering in the light.

4. Gilded Celestial Star

 You may add all the drama to your look by using long nails that have an ombré effect, which is a daring technique. Definitely a kiss from the chef.

5. Glittering Gold Ombré Nail

 In the most recent few months, the growing coquette style has resulted in a significant fixation with bows across the entire business. 

6. 3D Coquette Ribbon

 The tried-and-true nail style is given a completely fresh and original twist with the introduction of double-lined Frenchies, which are also referred to as "invisible" French nails.

7. Yellow Gold Double-Tined Tip

 By placing gilded nail cuffs close to the cuticle, you may add a touch of metallic in a way that is both subtle and unexpected.

8. Gold Chrome Nail Cuff

 Enhance a sophisticated "mannequin manicure" with a little of edge by applying gold angled lines to each and every nail for a slightly multicolored manicure.

9. Edgy Golden Angle

 Try the crocodile pattern nail art trend and take your cues from celebrities like Hailey Bieber.

10. Luxe Metallic Croc French Tip

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