10 Traditional New Year’s Foods to Bring Good Luck in 2024

 It's a terrific idea to reset your goals and start over at the beginning of the year. Making a New Year's resolution or starting with an encouraging New Year's blessing are two ways to position yourself for success. 

 According to legend, on New Year's Day, you must eat 365 black-eyed peas—one for each day of the year—in order to bring good fortune into the new year! Ree's Hoppin' John is probably what will work best. 

1.Black-Eyed Pea

 Although this one may seem apparent, collard greens are said to portend a wealthy new year since they are the hue of paper money.


 The Greek custom of hanging an onion sack on your door represents renewal and progress. 


 Many people associate a bottle of bubbly with luxury The custom of toasting special occasions with champagne dates back to the 16th century in Europe.

4. Champagne

 Making tamales is a practice that represents family in Mexico. That's because this labor of love, which consists of masa, a sort of corn dough mixture.

5. Tamale

 You may already be aware that rice can represent fertility and prosperity if you have ever witnessed it flung at a wedding ceremony.

6. Rice

 Eating oliebollen, fried pastry resembling doughnuts, is considered auspicious in the Netherlands. Usually, they are well-dusted with powdered sugar.

7. Doughnut

 Traditionally, dumplings are consumed as part of the Lunar New Year feast, representing riches.

8. Dumpling

 Many Germans celebrate the start of a new year by breaking open a large soft pretzel as a sign of luck, health, and wealth.

9. Soft Pretzel

 According to an ancient Irish tradition, January 1st is known as the Day of Buttered Bread.

10. Buttered Bread

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