10  Metallic Nail Designs for a Luxe and Edgy Manicure

 A striking manicure doesn't require many colors or forms, Metallic nails can be used with any clothing to create a striking, jewelry-like effect.

 Taking inspiration from molten heart tattoos from the 1990s, Rose produced this style.

1. ‘90s Tattoo 

 This ensemble was designed by Edwards for Prabal Gurung's Spring 2024 show, which took place in New York City.

2. Gold Dip 

 This particular style was done by Julie Kandalec, a celebrity manicurist, for Zoë Saldaña, who was featured on the cover of InStyle in December 2022.

3. Molten Lava 

 Magnetic nail polish provides each nail its own distinct appearance, which is one of the reasons why velvet nails are so much fun.

4. Velvet Taupe 

 This precise French manicure is accentuated with silver squiggles, turning it into a bold and distinctive look.

5. Fine Lines 

 Within this manicure, the thick chrome effects were achieved by the utilization of 3D gel. 

6. Big 3D 

 To get a style that was both sophisticated and sparkly, a high-shine silver glitter was utilized to produce a French manicure that was extremely thin.

7. Glitter French 

 In order to achieve a melancholy metallic manicure, this nail uses a deeper pewter tone as its basis, rather than the more common bright chrome base.

8. Pewter Chrome 

 A fun and easy way to take on the trend of metallic nail polish is to use a selection of crystals on a sheer nude base.

9. Diamond-Studded Nude 

 To get this sleek appearance, a tiny tip is created using silver chrome. 

10. Micro Tips 

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