10 All-You-Can-Eat Seafood Restaurants Reviewers Love

 Nothing beats a constant supply of seafood to please even the most devoted landlubbers, and there are several locations from coast to coast that will keep your favorites—like crab, shrimp, and even lobster—coming in until you're ready to burst.

1. Eat Like a (Sea) Horse

 A well-liked institution in the community since 1984, Catfish Deweys proudly owns its standing as the go-to spot for consistently hot, fresh seafood.

2. Catfish Dewey

 The Nordic offers an all-you-can-eat seafood exhibit that is one of the most appetizing things you have ever seen, provided you can get past the sticker shock of its price, which at the time of writing was a cool $135 for adults.

3. The Nordic

 This laid-back restaurant on the Delaware–Maryland border has been a neighborhood favorite since the 1980s.

4. Old Mill Crab House

 Nothing pairs better with a large, family-friendly buffet dinner and a beach, and Ocean City and The Bonfire, which has been open since 1973, provide both.

4. The Bonfire

 For thirty years, Brown's Catfish has been providing satisfied customers with a buffet of beloved seafood dishes inspired by Cajun cooking.

5. Brown's Catfish

 The Whale Harbor Restaurant offers a delicious seafood buffet along with a rooftop bar where you can enjoy a fruity drink and breathtaking views of the water and swaying palms.

6. Whale Harbor Restaurant

 In Myrtle Beach, it's not hard to find a seafood buffet, but that doesn't guarantee you'll enjoy it, But as you can see by the queue that forms out the door most summer nights, Captain George's is unquestionably at the top. 

7. Captain George'

 While there are plenty of traditional dishes like fried catfish and seafood gumbo on the menu at Berry's, the seafood buffet held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights is the main draw.

8. Berry's Seafood and Catfish House

 Reviewers generally support 100's claim that it has the "best seafood in San Diego," which it makes with pride. 

9. 100's Seafood Grill Buffet

 The original cook is still on hand to assist diners crack their crab legs, and the oldest crab house in the Windy City is still one of its best bets for fresh seafood, according to enthusiasts.

10. King Crab House

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